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Beautiful Husband πŸ’™

Hello Beautiful People, 
I was in two minds about writing this post because even though this person is one of my most favourite beautiful people, he’s also really private so I’ll keep it clean for him (on here anyway 😜) 
With the all the hate in the world right now I’d like to share about my babies daddy πŸ’™
We met when we were teenagers, he used to sing and play guitar, I thought I was marrying a rock star 😬❀️ (He’s brilliant at both by the way!) Because of this his nickname used to be strummer. 
He won me over with his hilarious sense of humour and massively kind heart. In over two decades I’ve only seen him cry a few times. Once when we first met and I unloaded all my baggage on him…… And he told me with tears in his eyes that I’d never feel that pain again and that he’d look after me for the rest of my life…… And when our babies were born. We split up a few times in those early years, partly because of how young we were and probably mostly because of how much of a messed up b$&@h I can be…. 😳 
We’ve grown up together, through the good times and the bad. He’s always taken care of me and held my hand and nurtured me through pregnancies, births, studying, careers and especially when someone close unexpectedly passed away in my arms…… πŸ’”
He’s an amazingly kind, compassionate, fair, funny, strong, quiet, seriously cheeky and yet very humble human! πŸ’™
He’s put up with and loved me unconditionally despite all my stubbornness and flaws. I know right, it’s hard to believe I have flaws 😜 
I’m an incredibly strong, stubborn independent person and yet at my most weakest and vulnerable moments, he was always my strength, always there to hold me up, support me, physically and emotionally ☺️ 
I say physically, as in the time I had a post-partum haemorrhage in the birth centre and I was too delirious (and way to fat) for the midwife to get me on the stretcher to rush me to delivery suite or theatres so just as I blacked out and saw people rushing in the room he had picked me up and was carrying me to the bed….. I have so many memories of us like this…… His face is always the last I see staring lovingly, strong, supportively before anything daunting like an emergency C-section and the first thing I see waking up from an anaesthetic. 
He’s an amazing dad to ALL our children, loves doing the majority of the cooking and cleaning and even let’s me be the ‘fun’ parent, I know right, how good is that?! πŸ˜πŸ‘ŠπŸΌ
I’m definitely a bit of a demanding Queen but he is definitely the King of our castle 😊❀️
Some years ago the kiddies and I supported him through a career change. This is where he got the new nickname Sniper. It turns out unbeknownst to us that he’s a crack shot with a gun 😳πŸ’ͺ🏼
Our whole family hopes he NEVER has to use one!! (Although he has had to get it out on a few occasions) 😌
We feel so tremendously lucky to live in Australia, with all the hate that is going on in the world. And hope that our beautiful country, with its mixed bag of beautiful people can continue to strive always towards living harmoniously and in peace 😊
I’ll always be proud of him no matter what career he chooses because I know he has a good heart and his intentions are good. I know there’s a lot of haters but I doubt they could ever put up with or do what he does and remain so calm and cool 😎
My husband is my soul mate, my PIC, my right hand guy, the signal to my wi-fi, the lighthouse to my ship and of course my designated driver when I’m wasted as s$&t 😜
Sniper is most definitely one of my most favourite beautiful people 😍
🎢 Here is true peace, here my heart knows calm, safe in your soul, bathed in your sighs, gonna stay right here until the earth stops turning, gonna love you until the seas run dry….. I’ve found the one I’ve waited for….πŸŽΆβ€οΈπŸ’™ (Goreki, Lamb)

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Beautiful People and Body Shaming πŸ’—

Hello Beautiful People,
Before I continue to introduce you to my beautiful people Id like to have a bit of a rant about something that’s annoyed me recently 😁
So an acquaintance recently posted a photo of complete strangers with a snide caption referring to the people’s bodies (and or clothing)……..
Complete f$&@ing strangers…. For starters body shaming sucks a$&e!!!! 
Why body shame people in an attempt to feel better about yourself? Seems like a pretty shit reason to me?! 😏
Everybody was born (fairly) equal in the body department. Most babies are born beautiful little miracles. Even if some babies aren’t considered as classically cute as others, there is still always that innocent underlying beauty that comes with the fragility of a new baby!! These beautiful mini humans grow in to adults of ALL shapes and sizes!! And all these beautiful humans deserve to be loved and respected! They deserve to live in happiness without the ugliness of critical judgement from others! 
And what a sad reflection on a person, who is otherwise themselves also a beautiful human, that they need to judge others to feel better about themselves…… 😞
I’ve been both very skinny and fit and very overweight and although I’ve openly criticised myself about being overweight I still f$&ing love who I am and my rolly polly lumpy bumpy cuddly body!! Because it’s MINE and it’s seen me through the good and the bad times!! Besides, my chubby body has created lots of mini miraculous beautiful people!! How freaking awesome and amazing is my fat body!! πŸ˜πŸ˜¬πŸ˜€πŸ‘ŠπŸΌ
I would never body shame someone to make myself feel better and I’ve seen the damage horrible bullying taunts about weight have caused in my loved ones! My sister and my beautiful children have repeatedly been affected by people’s inconsiderate comments, body shaming them about weight! 
I’ve always told them, f$&k the haters you’re perfect as you are and people only say that shit to you to make themselves feel better about themselves. So don’t be hurt or angry, instead feel sorry for them that they are that insecure that they need to make you feel bad about yourself to feel better about themselves. 
I fail to see how somebody’s weight or physical appearance is up for free public scrutiny. Its a sad reflection on some in society if they can’t see the miracle that beauty is about a persons spirit, personality, confidence and self worth! There is nothing more sexy and beautiful than a person who exudes self love! ❀️
I don’t care if you’re fat or thin, what colour, race or religion you are or what you wear! If you’re kind and confident at heart, then you’ll always be ONE OF THE BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE TO ME!! πŸ’–β€οΈπŸ’™πŸ‘ŠπŸΌ
Oh and don’t get me wrong I’ve got a great sense of humour, I think a curvy girl squeezing in to a spongebob suit or a chubby guy in a mankini is hilarious but that’s assuming I’m laughing with the person and not at them πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‰ 
And if me or anyone else wants to squeeze our chubby a$&e in to short shorts and a crop top and rock it like we’re hot, so be it!! If you don’t like it because it makes you uncomfortable that not everybody subscribes to your body image theories then look away and enjoy your lettuce! While I smash down these tacos and doughnuts πŸ˜œπŸ˜¬πŸ˜‚πŸ’ͺ🏼
Beautiful people everywhere all day everyday, for the win!! Love the skin you’re in 😊

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Beautiful Florence and the Sleep Deprivation Beast πŸ’–

Hello Beautiful People, 
The reason I’m feeling a bit flat today as opposed to my previous post about my parenting win with my first born Princess, is because I’ve felt like I’ve been drowning in epic parenting fail moments with my youngest Princess over the last 24 hours 😬
So I had my first baby at 17 and my last baby at late thirty something (see what I did there, avoided saying my age because if I keep up the lie of not knowing how old I am Ill never have to face the truth πŸ˜œπŸ‘ŠπŸΌ) 
All I can say is thank f$&k I’ve done this so many times before because there are so many parenting moments you can’t prepare for or even remember exist with each new baby you have. I would surely have gone mad by now and would be making sure this was my only baby if I didn’t know the tough times like these don’t last. 
The unconditional love and hugs always, eventually outweighs the tough and gross stuff…… I did say eventually right……😏
My beautiful mini me Princess Florence and I have been threw some trying moments in the last few days with non-stop breastfeeding due to a three month growth spurt 😁
I swear my already gigantic boobs are going to look like gigantic deflated pancakes after all this breastfeeding…….Flapping around in the breeze…..Sounds hot right?…..😳
Nights consist of moments like these: 
When you’ve been marathon feeding and awake for hours and you try to put her down but she cries so you pick her back up and she spews curdled breastmilk…..straight down your top, right down your cleavage…. nothing feels more disgusting than warm vomited curdled milk between your boobs…….. 
But you’re so miserably f$&ing exhausted that you use the top you’re wearing to clean it up, take the f$&cker off, toss it on the floor in your room and sleep in your cheap crappy Kmart maternity bra instead of finding clean PJ’s πŸ˜ͺ 
And of course let’s not forget before all this happened there was an epically f$&@ed moment, were after dinner I thought “hmmm that spaghetti and garlic bread was delicious, oops looks like some sauce left on that finger” only to lick said finger and get a mouth full of the distinct taste of baby shit, sudo derm cream and curash powder…….. πŸ˜πŸ˜–πŸ˜©πŸ˜° 
Ughhhhh f$&@ing kill me now, sleep deprivation is an ugly evil bitch out to make you do some nasty shit in your state of delirium!! I swear I washed my hands after the fiftieth nappy change and before dinner!!
Man this parenting gig is neither win nor lose really, it’s all about how you roll with the shit… Literally….. If I didn’t grab a camera and laugh at myself in these moments Id probably fall in to a fetal position sobbing, begging for a Valium (it’s ok if I beg for a Valium anyway right?)
Lucky Florence is one of my beautiful people because today isn’t feeling so beautiful! If theres one thing that experience has taught me, it is to look for the beautiful moments amidst the grossness and chaos. So for the rest of the day to find peace and beat that sleep deprivation beast, bubba and I will remain in PJ’s snuggling, only waking to feed πŸ’–πŸ‘ŠπŸΌ

The taste of baby shit?….πŸ’©

Right down the front of me…..😳

At least she’s feeling better…..😏

Finding peace and slaying the sleep deprivation beast πŸ’–πŸ‘ŠπŸΌ

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My Beautiful Magenta πŸ’–

Hello Beautiful People, 
Today I’m feeling a bit flat (I said flat not fat πŸ˜‹) sleep deprivation is making the win again! So instead of whining about the perils of non stop parenting, I’m going to overshare about one of my parenting wins πŸ’ͺ🏼
When I was ridiculously young, 16 years old to be exact, I found out I was pregnant. Terrified as hell and feeling like an invincible teenage girl I decided to keep my baby. Yes that’s right I made the decision entirely on my own because it’s my f$&@ing body so it was my choice! 
I was met with so much judgement and hostility about my decision, that for the duration of my pregnancy I felt ashamed and embarrassed about myself, my behaviour and my choices. I say my behaviour because it was assumed that I was a s$&t for getting pregnant at that age. Maybe I was maybe I wasn’t either way, again my body, my choice! I’m totally anti-slut shaming! To all the beautiful women out there, I say own your body, feel proud of it, make your own choices for it and always do with it want you want to, as long as it makes you happy!!
Anyway I had the support of my mum and my partner and two weeks after my 17th birthday I gave birth to my amazingly beautiful mini me , Magenta πŸ’– 
Despite all the haters, I decided to be the best mother and female role model to her I could be! Having her actually completely saved me from the shitty life choices and path I was taking…….
I threw my heart and soul in to being an awesome mum, yes I sacrificed a lot of myself, partying, travelling etc but I wouldn’t change a thing. Because this beautiful human exists and brightens the world thanks to me. 
She’s my best friend, gorgeous, hilarious, successful and just an all round f$&@ing legend really!!
So to all the haters back then being all judgey and shit, you should see my daughter and I now! We both have degrees, careers, good friends, a loving family and a great relationship with each other! 
If I ever feel down I look back at how far we’ve come. I look at her beautiful face, and bask in her beautiful soul. 
I say f$&k all the haters because even the youngest or oldest Mumma can create a beautiful mini being.
I’m no longer ashamed of me or where I’ve come from. I’m so proud of who we are now, I’d be lost without her. She keeps me young and cool. 
TBH I wouldn’t know what things like TBH meant without her. I wouldn’t know tinder existed and be able to laugh with her at jokes about Tinder babies or Snapchat videos. I wouldn’t know that laser hair removal is the in thing and I wouldn’t know that going to the Cas (Casino) at the end of a night out clubbing is all the rage…. (F$&k did I just say all the rage?! Now I’m showing my age! She’s going to rip in to me about that expression, I can already see her cheeky face poking fun and laughing at me ☺️)
So today I’m grateful for and sending a big shout out to my first born Princess, Queen in the making, my saviour and gangster baby, Magenta πŸ’– 
Thank you for blessing me by being one of my beautiful people β€οΈπŸ’–πŸ‘ŠπŸΌ

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My Beautiful People β€οΈ

Hello Beautiful People!
As I mentioned earlier I am the proud owner of six beautiful humans! Five I was privileged (and somewhat traumatised) enough to give birth to and one I am blessed enough to have been a kinship carer to since he was a bubba.
My beautiful people are:
Magenta 22 πŸ’–

Marshall 15 πŸ’™

Zenara 14 πŸ’™

Marley 12 πŸ’™

William 2 πŸ’™

Florence 3 monthsπŸ’–
A lot of beautiful people out there in the big wide world have felt the need to tell me I’m crazy for having so many babies and to them I politely say…..”you only think that because you aren’t tough enough to handle this shit!” “And yeah I’m probably batshit crazy, you’d have to be to keep up with these kiddies” 
And then there’s all the beautiful people who pay me and the kiddies random compliments. Like today, I took five of them to the shops to buy a few things and a woman said to me 
Her: “oh are they all your children?” 

Me: “yep” 

Her: “even the older one?” (Points to my daughter) 

Me: “yes she’s my eldest” 

Her: “Wow you don’t look old enough to have so many and those ages and you look so good like your doing a great job, they look so well behaved” 

Me: “oh that’s so nice of you, thank you so much” 
In my head I’m thinking…….f$&k yes!! I’m all over this parenting shit, I really needed to hear that today from a random stranger. I’m sleep deprived, can’t remember the last time I showered, covered in baby vomit, boobs sagging to the ground, hair messy, still wearing maternity clothes, feeling zonked out of my mind, trying hard to remember all the shit we need to buy so we don’t come home with a car boot full of crap we don’t need, because believe me that’s happened more times than I care to remember 😩 
I turn to my kiddies as we get off the escalator and say “you guys are awesome, I love you so much, now let’s keep up this good behaviour and keep our shit together in the shops and mummy will by you stuff”………
Nobody heard me but them…..A bribe for the win! My mini beautiful humans are my everything even when they are driving me crazy! Besides as Lewis Carroll said:

Have I gone mad?! Probably but these mini beautiful people are so worth it ❀️

My mini beautiful people πŸ’–πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’–