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Beautiful Parenting ❀️

Hello Beautiful People,
I’ve noticed over the last few years of parenting that it seems important for parents, mums in particular to identify or subscribe to a certain parenting style.
Examples: the helicopter parent, the fit parent, the free range parent, the attachment parent…..the I’m barely f$&@ing surviving parent….. And so on…….
There are that many books, blogs, vlogs and movies on how to raise kids, it’s no wonder parents get overwhelmed and confused about which is the right way…….. 
I know you’re all thinking this b$&@ here is going to tell us there is no right way, there is only your way and whatever you’re doing is ok if it works for you and you’re babies…….
Well you’re wrong…… I’ll tell you why because as a nurse, a Mumma bear, a kinship carer, an active community member with a husband who’s an emergency service worker, I’m going to tell you there is definitely a wrong way to raising children…… You know how I know because in all my roles throughout life, I’ve seen it! 
It’s actually incredibly sad and incredibly simple….. 
The most obvious wrong way to parent children is to blatantly ignore their needs…..
Babies are born completely dependent on you. They cry as their first and only form of communication. If you choose to actively ignore their crying you are essentially telling them that you are not interested in meeting their needs. Studies have shown that babies who are left to cry repeatedly have higher stress levels and can end up with trust and attachment issues…..
I’m not saying I never let my babies cry, obviously if I’m going to the toilet and they’re crying they’ll have to wait a minute or if it’s a tired grizzle that’s fine. 
I mean, say I’m sitting at the dinner table, dishevelled and the house is a pig sty and two of the babies are sitting at the table crying at me, I’m not going to behave like an asshat and continue feeding my fat face whilst ignoring them and worse yet let another family member film this behaviour because they think it’s funny…….
There is nothing funny at all about ignoring your babies cries whilst they try and get your attention….. It’s actually heartbreaking…..
Children from birth, to probably I dare say forever, NEED consistent unconditional love coupled with clear set boundaries and guidelines…. Sensible safe boundaries and guidelines, ones in which they can grow and explore yet know they are safe and have a solid foundation to fall back on when they are unsure.
I’ve been told I’m overprotective of my children or that I wrap them in cotton wool….
Ask our local children’s hospital, I’m pretty sure they’d tell you that statement isn’t true 😁
I’ve also been praised a lot about how kind, polite, lovely and patient they are……😊
What I know is that the children we’ve encountered through our careers and lives that display ‘undesirable’ behaviour are the saddest children. The ones who haven’t been given unconditional love, who haven’t been given safe boundaries….. The ones whose needs haven’t been met….. 
I said it before, I’ll say it again, it’s heartbreaking when adults who choose to have children then go and choose not to meet that child’s needs…… It’s a need….Not a want.. 
An overtired ‘unruly’ bubba needs your patience, needs your calm adult abilities to nurture and soothe the whirlwind of emotions that they are feeling, that they do not understand yet! And this goes for EVERY age, even (especially) teenagers need you as the adult to be calm, in control and nurturing as you guide them through a very challenging time in their lives……
I swear…. a lot…. I let my kids eat junk food (probably more than they should 😏), I’m not pushy about success in sports or academia, I let them stay up late and have random days of school (teachers hate me, sorry! I’d probably homeschool if I had more patience ☺️) 
However, I’m consistent with LOVE ❀️ 
I have always hugged them, told them I love them, told them I’m always here for them no matter what! I’ve always listened and tried to meet all their needs. I’ve always stuck to what I thought was age appropriate developmental care.
I believe in doing this, these beautiful humans have felt safe, secure, guided and loved enough to grow in to these awesome human beings 😊
I’ve never subscribed to one particular parenting type but my deep motherly instincts have shown me that consistency, patience, availability and unconditional love are the keys to raising lovely mini humans ❀️
If you didn’t want to commit to loving them unconditionally, through the good and the really tough times (yes I’ve been through them, often) then you probably shouldn’t have had them. πŸ˜•
Oh shock horror someone telling others how to raise their kids…..!!
Well I do it in the hope that maybe one person will read this and think “hey yeah maybe I should chill a bit of make more of an effort to help my bubba feel loved and supported”……
It’s amazing how much easier life is with kiddies when they feel loved, respected, nurtured and understood……
Believe me…. I’m raising six kiddies in this organised chaos and the only real challenge is the newborn sleep deprivation….. The rest is a bit of a breeze if the foundation of your parenting is unconditional love 😊❀️
And that is my two cents on how to raise the next few generations of beautiful people 😊
You can never love a child too much πŸ’—
Peace πŸ’–

New Study: Extravagant Affection in Infancy Leads to Healthier, Happier, More Relational & Moral Adults

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Beautiful World Breastfeeding Week β€οΈ

Hello Beautiful People, 
As you all may know this week is World breastfeeding week!! And yes I’m all about promoting, educating and raising awareness about important women’s health issues like breastfeeding. This week is about normalising breastfeeding! That means addressing important issues like not sexualising it, not expecting women to cover up, not denying what is a natural process for lots of mothers and babies! It’s not a week to proclaim that breastfeeding mothers are better than those that formula feed! Over the last few decades formula companies have done their utmost to undermine the importance of breastfeeding in an attempt to make millions off their products!! If they were just about feeding babies they would be not for profit organisations, however I digress……… 
I’ve breastfed and formula fed all my kids at various times. Both are challenging yes! However this week is just about acknowledging those challenges associated with breastfeeding……. So imagine my surprise when Constance Hall blocked me from her page after questioning her on her post about International Breastfeeding Week? 
Con wrote acknowledging International Breastfeeding Week and then went on to talk about all the awesome formula feeding mums out there…… I have no problem with this as such because I myself have done both but I was merely saying that you can support and promote one cause without undermining another?! 
Well I said something along the lines of saying “what about formula feeding mums on breastfeeding week is like saying #notallmen when discussing DV”……. Anyway something like that…… Next comment I made was questioning Con when she told a poster that she overheard nurses and midwives being rude to mothers who couldn’t breastfeed….. I never said it didn’t happen, I just asked if she made a complaint about it? She didn’t reply to me….. Her sister did though, she said something along the lines of “yes she heard the nurses say that and no she did not complain because she was a first time mum worried about her prem baby”……….
So I would have replied to that but wasn’t allowed to because I’d been blocked by then….
Hhhhmmmm so it seems Con is only all about supporting Queens if they support her unconditionally and subscribe to all her beliefs…. How about we all support each other in our different actions and beliefs….
Supporting one cause does not mean you’re undermining another…….
Yes unfortunately some nurses/midwives can be rude as shit…….. Being a nurse I’ve seen it first hand and if I see it I call it out straight away!
As a patient I’ve made several complaints before in regards to shit treatment, especially after my shit emergency C-section!
I’ll always stick up for myself and all the beautiful people struggling out there!!
And I’ll always endeavour to respect those with a difference of opinion to me. Further to that a little healthy banter about those differences of opinion can help each other to see another point of view……. 
I’m all about being enlightened by others and helping to enlighten them in some way……
That is of course if I don’t get blocked for my opinion…….. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜œπŸ˜˜πŸ’—β€οΈπŸ’–




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Beautiful Faker πŸ’—

Hello Beautiful People, 
Ok what I wanted to say today has been plaguing me for a while…… I’m always getting compliments about how well behaved my kids are how cool calm and collected a mother I am….. It’s always nice to hear but………
I’d like to shout this out!!!! I’m a complete 

f$&@ing fraud!! I’m not calm!! I’m faking that shit!! Inside I’m a wound up bundle of nerves as much as the next Mumma bear!! I’m one more god damn sleepless night away from complete and utter PND….. I’m one more shitty nappy….. No return text or call for several hours from young adult or teen away from a complete breakdown!! 
I want to take a f$&@ing shit or shower in peace!! I want people to actually recognise that I might be struggling, feeling isolated or lonely!! I want to be invited to the god damn wedding, birthday party, brunch or coffee even if you know as much as I do I probably won’t make it because of babies….. It just feels nice to know that I’ve been thought about by other adult humans…………😌
I want to apologise profusely to all the Mumma bears out there who I’ve ever offended with my higher than though opinions on parenting!! I know I have a Nursing Degree and I’ve got a lot of kids so you’d think I’d be all over this shit!! And all the lecturing and advice I’ve given so many parents on parenting should really mean something and be useful somehow….. Right?! At least that’s what you’d think?! 
But let me tell you this!! There is no one style, one method, one technique to parenting that fits every parent and every baby!! Every single time I get preggers I think, “yep I’m all over this shit!” Then out pops this tiny beautiful mini being who it seems, sole purpose in life is to ruin me and at the same time make me helplessly completely and utterly in love 😳
I was wrong for ever thinking my way was better than yours!! I was wrong for not recognising or understanding your anxiety!! 
This whole parenting thing can be terrifying, each and every time!! Every baby is different and therefore every parenting experience can bring with it new challenges……. I’m sorry I was such a judgey bitch…… 

We are all struggling in some way…………😞
So today I’m openly admitting that this Mumma bear definitely doesn’t know everything! And despite giving loads of other women breastfeeding advice, sleep and settling advice, developmental age appropriate care advice and acting like it’s all so easy it’s actually really really really not!!
This is baby no.6 in my house and in her short three months on this planet I’m here to admit that she’s played me good! I’m exhausted, I’m admitting defeat! In the last three and a half months I’ve taken her to ED once, seen the GP at least three times, phoned Karitane twice, Tresillian twice, The ABA once and texted and called several (nurse/doctor) friends for sleeping/settling, feeding, behaviour and ailments advice………… 
Hhhhmmmm does that sound like a cool calm collected mummy to you?! And I’ll have you know I’ve probably behaved like this with at least three out of the six kiddies!
The post natal period and beyond in to baby’s first year of life coupled with sleep deprivation can be a real bitch! Some days not only do I feel like I’ve lost my entire identity but that moment after I’ve just stuck my hand in to a toilet that still has a poo in it to grab out a toy car that my two year old is screaming his head off for, I suddenly remember that I am still human and probably should think a little more before I act. So I put screaming baby down in cot, flush toilet, thoroughly wash my hands and toy car then placate two year old. Remember to put my breast away post breastfeeding this time before calling teenagers out of their rooms to ask them what they want for dinner, saves us all the embarrassment of me standing there tit hanging out…. All the while thinking “stay calm, you’ve got this, the tough times won’t last……. long”…….
So again I say, I’m sorry if I ever looked down on you! I’m sorry if my way of coping is to fake it till I make it and it makes everyone think I’ve really got my shit together better than they have! I’m straight up on mother f$&@ing struggle street right there with you!!
But you know what I do know that always keeps me going…… How freaking blessed I truly am…… Because I’ve been on the other side too…… The side that doesn’t give sleep and settling advice, the side that holds hands of those with broken hearts…… The side that gives silent reassuring glances whilst holding back tears of empathy, advice on second chances, pamphlets on counselling and support networks….. Watching broken hearted parents walking out the hospital doors…..Knowing they may consider themselves parents no more….. Due to the loss of a baby they’ll never meet or the baby they got to hold for only a short while……πŸ’”
I’m know I’m a fraud…. But if that’s what I need to be to get by then so be it…… It doesn’t mean I love my life or my mini beautiful people any less…….. 
Shout out to all the beautiful parents struggling right there along with me……..πŸ˜πŸ‘ŠπŸΌ
Today I chose to continue to fake it, to ignore the mess, the misery, the chaos and relax in the breezy sunny afternoon with my beautiful babes, focusing on the positives and feeling blessed and you know what? It actually worked….. I got this! You got this! We got this β˜ΊοΈπŸ’—

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Beautiful Marshall Stone πŸ’™

Hello Beautiful People, 
For what it’s worth, I’ll start by saying, so far I’ve been lucky enough to have pretty damn good teenage parenting experiences! I’m not sure what all the hype is about how teenagers are so hard?…… So I’d like to introduce you to this guy 😜 My eldest son Marshall Stone. (So named after a rapper and a guitarist ☺️) 
I was in my mid twenties when Marshall was born. My pregnancy with him was pretty cruisey other than some morning sickness. My birth was amazing! Best one I’ve had, six hour labour, no drugs, no tears, birth centre with hubby and a midwife. So calm quiet and beautiful. This bubba came out not crying at all, unlike his daddy who was bawling, probably because we both have sisters and never thought we’d have a son πŸ˜‰. 
From the minute he was born he’s been our happiest, most calmest baby. As he’s gotten older he’s made me more worried about him because he’s got my overexcitable, I can do anything attitude. Which at times is great but has made him a target for some a$&@holes to bully him. I get upset about people giving him shit about his enthusiasm for things and do you know what this legend says “mum don’t let them worry cause their s$&t doesn’t bother me”. “I don’t like seeing you upset”.! 
Boom πŸ‘ŠπŸΌ What a f$&@ing champion ❀️ 
Seriously when I hear people whinge about their teenagers I think, “how did I get so lucky”?! 
This awesome son of mine is like the perfect mix of me and his dad. He’s good at English, Computers and Music. He’s a brilliant singer. He’s kind, caring, extremely compassionate, a great big brother and in our house even known as the baby whisperer. All his siblings love being calmed and cuddled by him ❀️ 
Ok so there’s got to be a down side to this teenage man child right? Well yep, he’s as stubborn as a bull and whilst trying to remain calm and diplomatic he’ll argue his point of view, about anything, until he wins. It’s both bloody hilarious and infuriating at the same time 😬 
He doesn’t subscribe to any stereotypical teenage trends or behaviours (except Pokemon Go but he’s been hard out in to Pokemon way before it was this popular) and his uniqueness is beautiful and inspiring to watch.
Especially his enthusiasm for gaming and cosplay!! Ummm hell yes I love having a kid that loves costumes! 😬😜😍
This guy can be a little immature sometimes still but the majority of the time his sense of responsibility and caring nature make me feel so reassured. I honestly know he’s like his dad and would protect me and his siblings against anything. He’s actually pretty damn fearless which can be both a good thing and a bad thing. Oh except for his slight fear of heights, his rock climbing story is hilarious. Picture a man sized teenager being assisted down a rock face by the adult guide. 
We are so blessed to have such an awesome first son like Marshall and it’s been a bloody privilege to watch him grow so far. I so look forward to seeing the awesomeness he’ll be making out of his life to come 😊
Stay as strong as you are, I think your name fits your strength of character perfectly 😍 You’re an inspiration buddy and most definitely one of mine and I know our whole families fave beautiful people 😊😍😘πŸ’ͺπŸΌπŸ‘ŠπŸΌβ€οΈπŸ’™
(Now show us those muscles…. You better have read that the way we say it?! πŸ˜œπŸ˜‚)

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Beautiful and Exhausting Breastfeeding πŸ’–

Hello Beautiful People, 
Today I feel like a million bucks and a bag of sh$& at the same time. 
This is because Sydney winter has suddenly reared its ugly head again! Ughhhh rain with toddlers and trying to get fit is horrible, I hate being house bound. 
And our mini beautiful Princess Florence didn’t sleep again last night and wanted to breastfeed non-stop all night….. I have bags so big under my eyes that if I went to the Airport they would charge me an excess baggage fee…. 😏
Anyway I feel a million bucks because Ive given myself a break with the guilt tripping about breastfeeding. With a lot of patience, love and caring my baby girl took her first bottle of formula and I feel like I’ve won the lottery for it! 😬
Don’t get me wrong, I love breastfeeding and as a Registered Nurse I’m a huge advocate for it. I know all the health benefits associated with it both physically and mentally for mum and bubba. I’ve even worked in NICU, newborn care, and done courses to teach and support women in breastfeeding. 
However, I know as much as the next woman that sometimes it just isn’t as easy as it is assumed to be. Or it may be really natural and easy for some but not for others.
Just as every baby is different, so can every breastfeeding experience be. 
I’ve breastfeed FIVE babies.
The first one I had mastitis so bad I ended up back in hospital on antibiotics. After months of cracked nipples, cranky, constantly vomiting baby it was discovered she was severely lactose intolerant and ended up on formula anyway. I was relieved and annoyed at the same time. Breastfeeding = Unsuccessful 😏
The second baby had some attachment issues and had reflux. I often had an oversupply followed by an under supply and it was difficult to regulate the flow (with massive boobs) for bubba so he constantly had a belly ache and was vomiting too. With a lot of persistence and positioning we lasted 9months. Breastfeeding = Successful (but challenging) 😌
Third time I breastfed bubba and I seemed the perfect fit and there were no problems at all. 12 months Breastfeeding = Very successful 😊
The fourth time, to avoid the cracked nipples I’d had so many times before, I used nipple shields for the first month. Again with all the other kids I had an over supply then undersupply. Fed every 2-3 hours for four months, day and night. Then added in some bottles to get some more sleep. Lasted 6 months Breastfeeding =Successful (but exhausting)
This time, fifth time, my milk took days to come in, then an oversupply. Bubba has a weak uncoordinated suck (possible minor tongue tie). Supply went straight down after a few weeks and baby has been feeding every 2-3 hours day and night ever since, sometimes feeding for up to an hour 😞
I’ve tried ALL the tips for boosting supply. Sometimes I feel the old supply and demand theory just doesn’t work…. Despite all the research…. Or at least maybe it would if I didn’t mind sitting around with a baby hanging off my boob 24/7…… But I’ve got too much too do, like eat, sleep, look after other kids..
I’m exhausted, bubbas hungry, weight gain is stalling, so giving a few bottles to keep us both healthy (mentally and physically) is imperative 😌
I know Breast is Best and sometimes I love love love breastfeeding my babies…….

Other times I loathe it, and at those times I just know it’s not worth the stress πŸ’›
Besides this Mumma really needs a good night sleep and a good night of getting really 

s$&@face drunk πŸ˜¬πŸ˜œπŸ‘ŠπŸΌπŸ’ͺ🏼❀️
However remember beautiful people, breast is best, but whatever is best for mum and bubba is best too πŸ˜‰β˜ΊοΈ