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Hello world!

Hello beautiful people so what we’ve got here is an awesome way to communicate some people you just cant reach, which is the way some want it, well then that’s how they’ll get it…….. Sound familiar, Cool Hand Luke Thumbnail

or Civil War, Guns n’ Roses Thumbnail , slightly altered paraphrasing of course.

Anyway this page has been a long time coming and a short time in the making, I don’t want to be unreachable, I want to speak out and be heard and more importantly I want people to know that I’m here to listen and not like the nosey listen lady Marge Simpson played.Thumbnail

Some people just want to “talk hard” (Pump Up The Volume) Thumbnail and create controversy and although I have no aversion to controversy and talking hard, Id much rather voice my opinion on a topic and hopefully spark or ignite a good healthy debate!! A debate that may be filled with useful information that will stimulate the nether regions of ones mind and challenge them to hear the views of others that may be opposing to their own and be open to this. To challenge people to THINK outside their comfort zones!! To forget what they think they know about themselves and those around them, to de-construct their preconceived ideas of others and rebuild new beliefs through being receptive to someone elses truth, to be able to be open to the empathy that is required to learn that what is a truth for someone else may not be the truth for you but it is still THEIR truth……..Thumbnail

Simplistically saying, hoping this page will provide new and useful information on a whole

(this whole not that Hole)   Thumbnail

range of topics that people will be able to learn from and hopefully participate in healthy discussion about. Topics ranging from birth to death and anything in between!! I will endeavour to post as frequently as I can on anything and everything I find interesting, feel passionate about or that just randomly grabs my attention and I feel is noteworthy. Obviously I will try to post frequently on a nursing topic as the name and profession dictate a lot of my life 🙂 So let’s get started and see how many people I can make happy or unintentionally piss off 🙂

Stay tuned for next post soon…..

Peace, Love and Happiness



Hi my name is Noosha, I'm a Registered Nurse working in a busy major teaching and trauma hospital in Sydney. I'm also a busy Mumma to SIX kiddies ranging from 23 down to 18 months old. I love my job, my family, my life and live to help people!! I love the beautiful people I've created and the beautiful people I've met or yet to meet throughout my life 😊❤️

5 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Heyyy,
    It is a gradual process and you should focus on faith and good health and not preparation for death! Songs, poems and scripture, sounds like we are on the same page lovely! Perhaps you are one of my living angels? 🙂 x


  2. THINK WHOLE luv it is there a image I should have in mind or is it a graduale process? Lots of songs, poems and Scripture come to mind. I am Christian and my faith is strong but my health is not. How can I prepare myself for death when all I’ve wanted to do is live. Angels walk with you NURSE NOOSHA mwa :):):)


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