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Beautiful Day Missing Work 

Hello beautiful people, today I really miss work….. I miss the abusive ice addicts, the elderly confused patients, the complicated early pregnancy patients, the trauma patients (I really miss them!) and I miss using my brain more than it takes to negotiate kiddies behaviours…. I’ve got so much to do but so little desire to do any of it! The house can stay messy, the kids can play half dressed in the backyard, the food shopping can wait, and the dog can wait another week to be washed…. I have zero fucks to give today about domestic life….. I really miss work….. However I know better than most how fast time goes so I’ll just sit here in the beautiful Sydney winter sun sulking about how I can’t have the best of both worlds yet and enjoy the privilege of being able to stay at home with my babies for as long as I like……

#imisswork #emergencynurse #mylove #mylife #myeverything #nurselife #shiftworklife #sydneylocal #sydneywinter #sydneylife #savinglives #maternityleave #overthinking #needtorelax #mummabear #zerofucksgiven #nooshasbeautifulpeople #likeaboss 😏☺️👊🏼💞


Hi my name is Noosha, I'm a Registered Nurse working in a busy major teaching and trauma hospital in Sydney. I'm also a busy Mumma to SIX kiddies ranging from 23 down to 18 months old. I love my job, my family, my life and live to help people!! I love the beautiful people I've created and the beautiful people I've met or yet to meet throughout my life 😊❤️

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